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BOTS!! 11-20-2007

BOTS is a full-version Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game that is completely free to download and play. Expected quick-packed multiplayer action! No Automatic battle here you control your BOTS in fights. Create and upgrade your own BOTS with

Bots open source edi translator  v.2.1.0

Bots is a complete translator for edi (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI data formats eg: edifact, x12, tradacoms, xml. Mail: Web-site: Wiki & Develop:

CODENAME: Monkey-Bots  v.1.0

CODENAME: Monkey-Bots is an educational and entertaining multiplayer game for the GameBoy

Social Network Bots  v.1.0

Open source project for bots that can be used on social networks. These bots are for testing only and should not be used for SPAM or other malicious means. Bots are currently coded in Python and Ruby and demonstrate many different ways to use

Evolia Bots  v.1.0

Main bots for the public virtual worlds based on ActiveWorlds v4.1.

Bots Poker Room  v.1.0

Bots Poker Rooms is a Java server enabling poker games between bots. Users can commit their bots, follow their stats, and so on. The front-office is web-based and the back-office is a daemon which makes the bots play together.

Surviving bots  v.1.0

Surviving bots is continuous software application in Java that will guide robots to search for energy source around it, tap it and explore ahead for survival and thus evolve into much more advance system.Software is ment to be hardware independent.

Bits & Bots  v.2011-12-30

Bits & Bots is a simple puzzle game I?

Bots Adventure  v.1

Lead this poor bot on his adventure to the next landing pad.

HTTP Programming Recipes for C# Bots  v.1.0

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows information to be exchanged between a web server and a web browser. C# allows you to program HTTP directly. HTTP programming allows you to create programs that access the web much like a human user would.

HTTP Programming Recipes for Java Bots  v.1.0

This program can give you power to exchange information between a web server and a web browser. And if you would like to program HTTP directly, java allows you to do that. HTTP programming allows you to create programs that access the web much like a

Galaxy Bots  v.1.0

This is an application for the Android operating system. It will only run on your phone or an Android emulator. To download the application for installing on your phone, please download the *.apk file. To download the source code for compiling on

T-Bots  v.1.0

TBots is a robot battle game simulator. Each player can program his own robots A.I. and fights opponents in a maze throught

Combat bots  v.1.0

This is an Open Source game based on drumo's design and concept art which is developed by Reddit community. If you don't use Reddit, you are still more then welcome to use it.

Ubot. Bots for Quake3 like Games  v.1.0

Ubot. A Bot Library for Quake3 like games. Keywords : AI, artificial intelligence, bot, ubot, robot, quake, quake3, 3D, game, waypoint, FPS, first, person, shooters.

Bots'n'Scouts  v.0.8.2

An addictive multiplayer networked strategy game completely written in Java.You program a robot that makes a race through an old factory. The game is inspired by Roborally (TM) - but it's different...

Open Source Bots  v.1.0

I created an open source bot script for my commmunity. Feel free to use it if you like. This was created at Though, this is beta, it is going to become a huge bot script and have many useful commands.

Business bots  v.1.0

Utilizing bot-net philosophy in a good way by packaging open source software into highly secured, ready-to-run specialized virtual machines and building infrastructure to manage them. Sort of IT Lego )))) We make IT simple!!!

Spam Bot Blocker  v.1.0

Spam Bot Blocker is a free utility that obfuscated (scrambles) your email address so that you can post it to your website with less risk of it being harvested by spam bots.

Spam Preventer  v.1.0

Protects web site e-mails from being harvested by spam bots. The program allows entering e-mail address, web link text, and subject and generates code for a web page that makes impossible for spam bots to strip e-mail from the web page.

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